About us

Isosta International

your partner for architectural facades

ISOSTA International, a leading supplier of building cladding, develops, designs and markets ready to fit architectural facades:

  • Cladding is made from aluminium and aluminium composite (cassettes, screwed or riveted panels) supplied with all fixings
  • External facade panels are used to cover the opaque areas of curtain walls.

Backed by more than 50 years of experience, ISOSTA International engages with all the project stakeholders from first design stage, through the tendering process until execution. And we will work alongside during the implementation of all components to ensure that each building displays has its own unique architectural design.

ISOSTA International is recognized for supplying tailor-made products, adapting and finding solutions according to all project specifications.

Production facilities

unique in Europe

With eight factories and an annual production of 2 million m²,  including the range of facade panels lined with aluminium and aluminium composite cladding, ISOSTA International has a unique production facility, allowing it to answer every order in the shortest possible time.

Twelve digitally controlled machining centres, 15 bonding lines with built-in presses, a sheet metal workshop (with folding, cutting and bending facilities), carpentry and state-of-the-art equipment, ensure high quality production.

Expert in Architectural Facades

Isosta International

and innovation

For ever more efficient facades, innovation is at the heart of ISOSTA’s strategy. By offering thermal and acoustic performance, implementation systems and design, our Research and Development teams have developed innovative technical solutions for each and every constraint.

Our Engineering


Our 20 Engineers offers an R&D capability that is unique in today’s marketplace. By offering key strengths in technical proposals, calculation sheets (distortions, stresses, etc.), tracking, layouts and 3D sizing, our engineers will deliver your technical solution in accordance with its architectural design and in keeping with all appropriate standards and the requirements of the project manager.

Isosta International

at your service

ISOSTA International makes life easy for you and will manage your entire project from studies to on-site delivery. We will select partners and centralize specifications to ensure the success of your project. We offer a tailor-made service in order to make easier the work at your building sites:

  • Transport-logistics: tracking system by barcode, packaging optimization and palletization.
  • Sizing: plotting your buildings in 3D.
  • Export assistance: panels delivered flat and stackable palette processing, container management, optimisation for customs purposes (SGS Certification, etc.).
  • Tool kit…

Technical specification

and certification products

Strict French regulations ensure that a product complying with a Technical Assessment complies with all applicable and demanding requirements. This works to ISOSTA International’s advantage as the company adapts easily to constraints across different countries.

The Technical Assessment from the CCFAT (A French specialist body that approves new building products): a comprehensive  range of exterior facade panels with a Technical Assessment issued by the CCFAT.

The QB Certificate for the transformation of aluminium  composite : this guarantees that the Technical  Assesment is valid and that the manufacturer has the necessary expertise  for the adaptation of architectural design in conformity with the normative environment.

Iso 9001

Quality Management Certification

All of our fabrication sites are ISO 9001 certified. Strict quality control of all our products at every stage of the process means our clients are assured quality from design, manufacture, sales and after sales service.