Aluminium Composite Facade panels


facade panels

ISOSTA International is a leading designer of cladding made of ACM and will create made-to-measure systems to bring all of your architectural projects to life. New builds, refurbishment, corporate, tertiary projects, residential, education, hotels, leisure, healthcare, retail outlets, cultural and transport infrastructure and more.

Whether it is a technically demanding project, with complex shapes or large surface areas, or corporate architecture ISOSTA will be with you at every stage of the project:


Design of the preliminary draft in conjunction with the architect


Technical study, modelling


Selecting the aluminium composite material


Construction and technical assistance

ACM Rainscreen facades

ISOSTA International will take care of everything

ISOSTA International is the only partner you will need and will look after your entire project from planning to on-site delivery. You will save time with a unique contact and a centralised specifications: so many benefits to ensure the success of your project.


In-house engineering


A unique engineering division capability. Offering key strengths in technical proposals, calculation reports (distortions, stresses, etc.), tracking, layouts and 3D sizing, our engineers will deliver a technical solution that is suitable for every construction.

Ready to install

cladding panels

ISOSTA International offers a wide range of aluminium composite cladding system delivered with the substructures : profiles that constitute the frame, fasteners and shaped panels.

Depending on building architecture, we will advise you on the ideal type of invisible fixing systems (cassette) or visible fixing systems (both screwed and riveted panels).



A production facility unique in Europe with six CNC and a park machine to work aluminium and aluminium composite panels.

An annual production capacity of 400,000 m².