Aluminium composite cladding applications

Aluminium composite

cladding applications

ISOSTA International offers aluminium composite cladding systems for all facade projects. ISOSTA International aluminium composite panels and cassettes can be used on all types of building: tertiary (offices), residential, education, hotels, leisure, healthcare, retail and cultural or transport infrastructure (stations, airports, etc.).



Whether your building has spectacular architecture with flamboyant features (large dimensions, curves, diamond points, mouldings, etc.) or straight-line forms, ISOSTA International provides support from the initial stages of the project to develop the aluminium composite cladding which will make your new building unique.


Aluminium composite

a decorative, high-quality construction material

ALUMINIUM COMPOSITE a decorative, high-quality construction material for ventilated facades, answers architects’ creativity. A wide range of finishes and renowned product characteristics (lightness, extreme rigidity, flatness, variety of size, resistance to bad weather and corrosion, vibration resistance, etc.) make this fashionable material a vital ally for your architectural projects.

Aluminium composite

a high quality material

ISOSTA International selects ACMs based on six quality considerations:

  • The paint
  • The alloy
  • The adhesive protective film
  • The core
  • The primary interior face
  • The tensile strength (delamination)

ISOSTA International works with two types of aluminium composite panel:


panel composed of two painted aluminium sheets thermobonded to an incombustible mineral core, classified A2 s1 d0


panel composed of two painted aluminium sheets thermobonded to a fire-retardant mineral core, classified B s1 d0

Aluminium composite

countless finishes

A wide choice of finishes to enhance your facade:

  • Anodised look for a matt effect
  • Solid colour from neutral to vivid
  • Opalescent colour to play with the light
  • Imitation copper, zinc and stainless steel
  • Imitation wood
  • Digital printing to create your own look
  • Brushed effect, the original elegance of aluminium
  • Mirror effect
  • Metallic effect bringing sparkle and life to your facade

Aluminium composite

perforated facade

Enliven your facade with perforation. Our punching machines and machining centres can create your ideal patterns to produce a unique facade. The use of shape and light enhances your buildings.

In accordance with your specifications (finish, budget, fire resistance, geographical location, etc.), we select the material which best suits your project. ISOSTA International is a single point of contact, facilitating your project and managing all relations with the raw material supplier.