Facade panels

Facade Panels


ISOSTA International designs and manufactures made-to-measure facade panels. The panels are intended for opaque infill elements with thermal and acoustic insulation properties; they offer guardrail function (personal safety), resistance to fire, waterproofness and wide range of aesthetic finishes (materials, colours, etc.).

Made-to-measure in accordance with specifications, they are delivered ready for easy installation on your building site.

Different applications

for the facade panels

Facade panels made by ISOSTA International are used in every type of building: tertiary, residential, educational, hotels, leisure, offices, healthcare, retail outlets… both for new buildings or refurbishment.

Our opaque infill elements are designed to be installed on traditional curtain wall horizontal frameworks, vertical frameworks, SSG (Structural Silicon Glazing), as well as traditional joinery.


Vertical Frame System


Horizontal Frame System


Exterior attachment panel


Clamped On 4 Sides

Expert of Facade Front Panels


phonic insulation

ISOSTA International will assist you in defining your acoustic requirements, one of the latest issue for efficient facades. Our innovative panel SONORA, the first acoustic facade panels offering acoustic performance from RW 42 up to RW 50 is used for facade located in areas with high levels of noise.

Noise reduction requirements (RW attenuation) and aesthetic requirements (external cladding and building category)… ISOSTA International manufacture facade panels designed to perfectly comply with your project requirements. Our technical department will provide you with customized studies and can certify your facade panels with a report from an acoustic laboratory.

Thermal performance

thermal insulation

With the new legislation, building thermal performance have become much more higher. As a specialist provider of thermal insulation products, ISOSTA International can provide infill elements that satisfy the U Value of your specifications. Our technical department will select the best thermal insulation products and using calculations and test results, will stipulate the necessary thickness of each facade panel ensuring that you have the best cost-effective solution.

Our innovative and ultra-thin CLIM XS thermal facade panel offers an U value of 0.3 from a panel that is only 25 mm thick. This is an ideal product for refurbishment or where the facade is quite thin.


our priority

For any project manager, the safety of every individual is priority No.1. In order to ensure personal safety, risk of fire must be kept to a minimum. Fire resistance is a characteristic of construction components indicating how long they can continue to act as a fire barrier. It also defines the ability to retain their “fire retardant” role while evacuation is carried out.

ISOSTA International will support you in this process by developing the majority of its facade panels with fire retardant capabilities of 60 minutes.


for aesthetic facade

The exterior facade lends identity to a building. The architect selects different materials (aluminium, steel, aluminium composite, glass, fibre cement, laminates, etc.) in a variety of different colours and shapes. ISOSTA International monitors and anticipates market trends to meet different aesthetic requirements with a large range of exterior facing panels to satisfy even the most intrepid architects.

Colour and facade depth come with Fa7, panels designed as shadow box. To create a greater impression of depth, the glazing is placed a few centimetres in front of the aluminium facing. Bright colours or in harmony withglazing, screen printed glass panels or clear glass to enhance the effect of depth.

VECOSTA is an opaque SSG (Structured Silicon Glazing) infill element with no visible fixings; it will create an aesthetic impression of a fully smooth facade that  meshs or contrasts with the clear sections. The VECOSTA infill elements are compatible with the leading SSG systems on the market today (TECHNAL, WICONA, SCHUCO, etc.).

Very much appreciated by architects, ACM is available as a facade panels with ECOSTA Alu Composite. All the properties of an opaque filling combined with a trendy material, fully customized.. Many different effects may be created: wood effect or stone and colours that react as the daylight changes… this creates a thoroughly modern, external facade.


facade panels

ISOSTA International offers a wide range of facade panels with a choice of finishes that will fit in with every kind of facade. Panel’s components are chosen according to the desired performance (acoustic, thermal, fire resistant, etc.).

ECOSTA with glazing finishes offers an opaque infill element with an enamelled glazed finish that gives an elegant, refined design to the facade.

ECOSTA with sheet metal : this finish, in aluminium or steel sheets, adds a contemporary look to the facade.

ECOSTA Laminates: facade panels with a laminate facing offer a multitude of settings for natural facades. (wood effect).

ECOSTA Fibres Cement: gives a surface finish of fibre cement that generates an authentic look from a mineral composite material.


and specific facade panels

Canopy, large-size facades, curved or roofing panels… are all available from ISOSTA International which offers made-to-measure solutions for your projects.

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