ISOSTA International, mindful of the rights of individuals, particularly within the framework of the automatic processing of personal data, and in the interests of transparency with its clients, undertakes to ensure that all processing of personal data carried out on-site is in compliance with the European General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and the French Data Protection Act.
The purpose of this Confidentiality Policy is to inform users of the measures taken by ISOSTA International in order to ensure the protection of their personal data.
Any information relating to an identified or identifiable individual, either directly or indirectly through an identifier or through elements specific to their identity, constitutes personal data.

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The processing of personal data carried out within the framework of the website is integrated into the list of processing operations for which ISOSTA International is responsible.

The Data controller, as defined by the European General Data Protection Regulation, is ISOSTA International, SAS, with a share capital of 200 000€, registered in the Sens Trade and Companies Register, under number 95049909500012, for which the legal representative is Jean Baptiste MICOULEAU, CEO, and whose contact details are:


This Confidentiality Policy applies to the following website:

These General Terms and Conditions of Personal Data Use are kept in the registers of ISOSTA International.

This statement provides you with all of the information relating to the processing, storage, securing and release of your personal data, retained by ISOSTA International.

The data processed concerns the natural persons or legal entities with whom we work, or those who formulate incoming requests.

In order to ensure the protection of its clients’ personal data, ISOSTA International only collects the data strictly necessary to implement its services.

The ISOSTA International website requires the collection and processing of personal data exchanged upon access to it by the user.

These data are collected when the user:
– Browses on the website
– Creates a personal space on the website
– Subscribes to the services of the website
– Requests information on the website
– Requests a quote on the website
– Submits a spontaneous application
– Registers for the newsletter

The user’s personal data collected directly (subscription to the newsletter, creation of a personal space), or automatically (cookies) are in accordance with specific, legitimate purposes.

In order to better understand the data processing carried out by ISOSTA International, we invite you to take note of the information below:

Cookie name Data type Conservation
email_id Duration of the session Used by WordPress for session information
session_id Duration of the session Used by WordPress for session information
SERVERID Duration of the session A technical cookie used by OVH to distribute the server load.
wordpress_test_cookie Duration of the session This cookie is used by the WordPress content manager to check if cookies are enabled in the browser.
store_notice[notice id] 2 days Allows customers to deactivate the store notice.
_ga 2 years Used by Google Analytics to distinguish users
_gid 24 hours Used by Google Analytics to distinguish users
_gat 1 minute Used to limit the number of requests. If Google Analytics is deployed via Google Tag Manager, this cookie will be named _dc_gtm_.
AMP_TOKEN 30 sec to 1 year Used by Google Analytics. Contains a token that can be used to retrieve a client ID from the AMP Client ID service. Other possible values ​​indicate deactivation, in-flight request, or an error retrieving a client ID from the AMP Client ID service.
_gac_ 90 days Used by Google Ads and Analytics. Contains campaign information for the user. If you’ve linked your Google Analytics and Google Ads accounts, Google Ads website conversion tags will read this cookie unless you opt out.

The legal basis for this processing is that it is necessary to pursue the legitimate interests of ISOSTA International, in order to communicate with you.

Should you choose to provide information that ISOSTA International does not consider necessary, the basis for the processing of this information is your consent, illustrated by the fact that you provided this information voluntarily.

You have the right to withdraw your consent at any time.

You can do so by writing to: ISOSTA International, at: 19, Rue de l’Industrie, ZI Les Sablons 89100 SENS France.

If, in the future, ISOSTA International wishes to process your data for another purpose, it will provide you with information relating to the purpose in question and will ask you for your consent once again.

ISOSTA International will retain your personal data throughout the whole duration of your business relationship.

Upon simple request made to the address above, or by clicking on the “Unsubscribe” in the context of communicating through email, or by sending the message “STOP” by SMS, your personal data will be deleted from our business registers.

Only the data in our archives will be retained for regulatory purposes (accounting or tax).


ISOSTA International guarantees the security of your personal data through the implementation of physical and digital securing means.

Each service offered by ISOSTA International is governed by a strict personal data protection policy in order to guarantee specific and proportionate use of the data required by the processes implemented.

As such, each member of ISOSTA International is informed of the personal and confidential nature of the data that they process.

ISOSTA International also ensures that its technical providers liable to be aware of the personal data comply with the same confidentiality policy.

However, it is important to recall that the Internet network is open and unsecured. This is why ISOSTA International cannot be held responsible for the security of any personal data transferred directly over the Internet.

All of the data collected and processed by ISOSTA International is hosted within the European Union.

ISOSTA International may call upon third parties to carry out certain processing operations on its behalf. Some or all of your personal data may be communicated to third parties. The latter are only authorised to use the data communicated for the purposes for which ISOSTA International retains them.


Please consult this page regularly to check for any updates to these Terms and Conditions.